Powerful, Customized Hypnosis Sessions Without the Price Tag of a Hypnotherapist

Introducing Hypnotizr, a new and unique service that lets you experience high-quality hypnosis that suits your individual personality, desires and needs—for just $49 or less per session.

Created by professional hypnotherapists as an alternative to expensive one-on-one sessions, Hypnotizr offers customized hypnosis downloads that are individually hand-tailored to your particular challenges and requirements. You even get to choose whether your session is delivered by a male or female hypnotherapist.

Unlike traditional hypnotherapy, you can use your Hypnotizr sessions in the comfort of your own home (no matter where in the world you are), and as many times as you want for no extra cost. And if that’s not enough, your satisfaction is backed by a stellar customer service team and a 60-day, no-hassle, 100% money-back guarantee.

To begin customizing, click on one of the big blue buttons at your right.

“I felt like the hypnotherapist was right there beside me, guiding me through positive suggestions ... I was so relaxed and uplifted after listening to my session for the first time.”*
— D.N., university lecturer

* Individual results may vary.

Hypnosis Compared: Why Hypnotizr Comes Out Ahead

Originally, many years ago, all hypnotherapy was performed in a personal, one-on-one setting. Then, hypnotherapists realized that their voice could be taped and sold in bulk. Since it’s the power of the voice that makes hypnosis work, these tapes were effective for many people. As technology advanced, cassette tapes gave way to CDs, which gave way to MP3s. Although recordings were inexpensive and convenient, they were “one-size-fits-all” and not customized.

Hypnotizr is the next stage in the evolution of hypnotherapy. By combining a hypnotherapist’s customizations with the convenience of a recording, Hypnotizr brings together the best of both worlds—and then adds, on top of that, affordable pricing, an ear for quality and enthusiastic customer service. Compare for yourself the difference between a typical hypnotherapist, Hypnotizr and the average CD or MP3 product:

Hypnotherapists vs. Hypnotizr. vs CDs/MP3s Comparison Chart

We are eager to prove to you that Hypnotizr is the best choice you can make for online hypnosis today. So when you’re ready, click on a program at the bottom of this page and then fill out the questionnaire so we can learn more about you. Then, complete the checkout process using PayPal. We will build your session and e-mail it to you within 24 hours of your order. In the meantime, you'll gain instant access to our Hypnotic Booster MP3 so that you can begin experiencing the benefits of hypnosis immediately.

To view your options for customization, listen to free samples or submit your order, click on a program below:

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