Introducing the Man Behind Hypnotizr

Luke Chao, founder

I'm Luke Chao, creator of Hypnotizr and this blog.

I've been practicing hypnosis since I was 15 years old—half a lifetime ago. Actually, that's a half-truth. In those early days, the only person I hypnotized was myself. I did hypnosis by recording sessions into a microphone hooked up to my computer and then playing them back to myself through headphones. I don't think I actually summoned up the courage to hypnotize another human being (or found a willing participant) until I reached university, a couple of years later.

I remember the days when I first learned hypnosis. I had a scientific upbringing (my father's a doctor, my mother a scientist) and I had been reading a lot of Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins and James Randi at the time. I had my skepticism meter turned to "overdrive," and my first reaction to hypnosis was that it couldn't possibly work.

Fortunately, I didn't let my initial skepticism stop me from learning further. When I started reading books about hypnosis, it started to make sense to me. I also learned and practiced a related discipline called NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). After I was able to make hypnosis work for my own fear of public speaking, my skepticism changed.

The most important thing I learned was to abandon all my preconceptions about hypnosis. Everything negative I had associated with hypnosis (brainwashing, mystical states, make-believe) turned out to be unnecessary for the actual practice of hypnosis. I started to think of hypnosis as the practice of effective communication—speech so powerful that it changes the way another person thinks, feels or automatically acts.

After university, I took a course in hypnotherapy and became certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and in 2006 I opened The Morpheus Clinic for Hypnosis in Toronto. I did two things rarely done by a hypnotherapist, at least in my city: I offered an unconditional money-back guarantee and I publicly denounced past-life regression as pseudo-science. If I was going to be a hypnotherapist, I decided, I was going to be my own brand of hypnotherapist. Over the years, Morpheus and its clients have been very good to me, and I became one of a fortunate few who have been able to make a good living from hypnotherapy.

My ambitions have grown since I rented that three-room office suite at 15 Elm Street. Now I have my sights set on the world, and I've created Hypnotizr to export my brand of hypnosis to everybody outside of Toronto.

Hypnotizr's mission is to provide high quality hypnosis recordings, customized to every client's needs, at a price they can afford. Just like Morpheus, we have an unconditional money-back guarantee, and we promise never to feed you a line of nonsense.

I'm even more excited about Hypnotizr than I was about Morpheus. Morpheus was hypnosis for skeptical people who live in Toronto. Hypnotizr is hypnosis for everybody: the student who can't afford $150 sessions, the rural retiree who lives five hours away from any decent hypnotherapist, the shy introvert who's too nervous to visit an office in person... plus anybody who just wants good, old-fashioned hypnosis made for their needs and delivered to their inbox.

So why am I writing this blog post now? Our press release went out this morning, so I guess you could say it's official: I announce Hypnotizr to the world. Our official launch will be New Year's, 2012.

If you keep reading my blog, I'll give you a window into the world of Hypnotizr, hypnosis and myself. I promise to keep my posts relevant, sensible and hype-free. If you have any questions, free to sign up for an account and leave a comment. I hope to hear from you soon.



I am very pleased to find your web site and blog. I have sent an e mail to you, and will wait for your response. I am 68. I have spent my entire life (other than working) studying about my mind, subconscious, creativity, spirituality, how God really works in our lives, anything I can find which has or will help me in my path. I know and understand how the subconscious works, because at age 29 I had a profound experience where hypnosis was being presented to a group of us. Suddenly, I was in a closet, locked in at about age 4 or 5. This was a broom closet and very scary. Well, instantly when my "conscious" mind was out of the way due to the process being presented, I found myself in this closet. My mind immediately understood the why of my phobias back then. I also had a strong emotional charge connected with this closet experience and that emotional charge being repressed or held down by my subconscious mind, caused me to have horrible phobias. Once the emotional charge (for me, crying, screaming, explosively letting go of my anger connected with this experience) was completely disbursed, my phobias went away. There were all kinds of phobias, small places, flying, grocery shopping (being trapped) wide open places, bridges, driving in cars with other cars too close to me, and on and on. Everything went to normal and no phobia bothered me again after going through this type of hypnosis about 4 times. Each time the closet surfaced again, I released more of the charge until it was gone. You know when it's gone completely. You can feel it, and you/me experience life in a different way after the "truth" sets you free. While having phobias, I thought I was ill. Well, I was, but it was emotional and mental, but it manifested in physical symptoms above and beyond the phobias themselves.

My now issue after all of these years is an improper manifestation of $$ and being able to keep it, but my work is helping others manifest and keep their $$ safe. I know there is an experience subconsciously guarded (which protected me at the time this happened, whatever it was, and apparently it was so painful I still cannot seem to manifest the actual incident or incidents which deeply implanted my subconscious with a lie about money rather than the truth.) which once revealed will change me from the inside out so that I can painlessly manifest money that will nourish me rather than making me feel like money makes me sad. Everything I trace back about money from childhood shows me that this is not an accident, the lack manifestation that is. If I had been able to address this issue like I did the issue about phobias, I feel it would already be behind me. So, while it seems like it takes forever to reach some of these things, today I really got it that I needed hypnosis again of some type. I know it works. I know it can free me from this bondage, and I am anxious to hear what others might have to share in their struggles with improper manifestation on earth due to closed away subconscious beliefs which can be lies that hinder our creativity and manifesting ability on this earth. God bless you for your work, and I am looking forward to hearing from you in addition to this blog. I know if I am in this much pain with all of the self work I have done over more than 50 years, others must be suffering too. I think I am going to live a long time, however that is speculation on my part. I do need to have this untruthful lie dealt with before I go onto whatever is after this life. We all have our own beliefs on this too, but what I am saying is that underlying this old message to my subconscious is my creativity and freedom which has been blocked for so many years.