Testimonial: “I have lost 22 pounds and two sizes of clothes”

Carol Jackson was an early customer of ours. Earlier this week, she sent the following unsolicited testimonial and gave us permission to publish it. We're very happy to hear about stories like hers—they inspire us to continue creating sessions for customers like her.

I survived two cancers at once at the end of 2009. I had been given a 10% chance to survive. I did not opt in to all that the Western World wanted me to do. I did some chemo and much acupuncture, Reiki, drumming journey's, qigong healing and visualization, herbs from a naturopath. Three months from diagnosis it was gone. In that time I had lost everything, my house, my car, my dog, my piano students, and moved to Vermont near my brother. I lived in a cabin on cinder blocks, kindly lent to me by a friend for a year while I fought for my life and began to start over..

Just before diagnosis I had been in a fitness weight loss program and was doing great. By the end of that class of 12 weeks I had lost 40 pounds. And then with the chemo and such another 40. From June of 2010 until April of 2012 I put it all back on. My old struggle with sugar came back. The trauma of all that I had been through and some neuropathy and depression caused me to sink back into old negative behaviors.

I awakened one morning at the time I had "told" myself to and thought eureka. If I can do that, then I can do what I need to do with my mind. I know, I'll learn hypnosis. (I never do things by half.). I googled a bit and realized that actually learning it would take a bit of time and money.

And then, tada I found your website. I listened to my tape every day for seven days and have not listened since. Since that time I have neither wanted nor felt any desire for sugar or to my surprise anything other than flat breads. Soon after, I found the mentor I was seeking to learn qigong near my home. I am in training with him.

What is totally different this time other than any regimen I have ever attempted, is that I am at peace that it is deep within me. I feel normal inside and I act accordingly. I have lost 22 pounds and two sizes of clothes. But that is not what I am excited about as much as my inner peace. I am a joyful grocery shopper in the produce section. It has even affected my music. I'm a blues and jazz singer and having so much more fun bogeying down.

My gratitude for the path you have taken to create this tool for healing knows no bounds. I'll keep you posted as I go... And yah, you can use this email any darn way you like.

Although this testimonial is real, it doesn't represent typical results. Your results may vary.