Customer Testimonials

Note: We absolutely respect the privacy of our clients, which means that names are initialized where requested. Individual results may vary.

“I have lost 22 pounds and two sizes of clothes”

I awakened one morning at the time I had "told" myself to and thought eureka. If I can do that, then I can do what I need to do with my mind. I know, I'll learn hypnosis. (I never do things by half.). I googled a bit and realized that actually learning it would take a bit of time and money.

And then, tada I found your website. I listened to my tape every day for seven days and have not listened since. Since that time I have neither wanted nor felt any desire for sugar or to my surprise anything other than flat breads. Soon after, I found the mentor I was seeking to learn qigong near my home. I am in training with him.

What is totally different this time other than any regimen I have ever attempted, is that I am at peace that it is deep within me. I feel normal inside and I act accordingly. I have lost 22 pounds and two sizes of clothes. But that is not what I am excited about as much as my inner peace. I am a joyful grocery shopper in the produce section. It has even affected my music. I'm a blues and jazz singer and having so much more fun bogeying down.

My gratitude for the path you have taken to create this tool for healing knows no bounds. I'll keep you posted as I go... And yah, you can use this email any darn way you like.*

— Carol Jackson

“I absolutely loved it!”

The "Sustainable Weight Loss" recording was my first experience with hypnosis, and I absolutely loved it!

The first time that I listened to it, it seemed as though the thoughts in my head were whizzing around everywhere. And while I was extremely relaxed after my session, I wasn’t sure if I was in hypnosis, or if the session worked. The support staff explained that this was a very common experience for a first-timer, and reassured me that I would find results with practice.

After I had listened to it for the second time, the suggestions stuck and I haven’t had to listen to the recording since. I wanted to lose 5–10 lbs by increasing my motivation to exercise and eating smaller portions. I've been seeing excellent results in these areas in the two weeks since I've listened to it.

The recording felt so personal, as if I had seen a hypnotherapist in person. I’m very happy with my results and will definitely be ordering another recording if/when I need it.*

— E.M.

“I am in awe how easy it was”

Luke, the hypnosis is amazing. I have been a non-smoker for about a month thanks to your voice and the hypnotic words. I am in awe how easy it was. Honestly, I got rid of all things “smoking” one night, listened to the hypnosis, got up in the morning and was a non-smoker. When I would think of smoking, magical words would come into my mind “I am a non-smoker” and then I would move onwards with no craving whatsoever. It is as if I never smoked.

I will be passing your website along to all who can benefit.*

— T. Farrell

“I noticed changes in my eating behaviours immediately”

After listening to the first recording, I noticed changes in my eating behaviours immediately! Without any conscious effort, I found I was eating smaller portions, often leaving food on my plate and wasn't turning to food for comfort when I was lonely or bored. In less than a week, I have effortlessly dropped two pounds. I am absolutely thrilled with my personalized Hypnotizr recordings!*

— M.G.

“I gained some huge insights”

I found the interactive approach of getting inside someone else's body and seeing the world through their eyes to be surprisingly powerful. I gained some huge insights. I'm thinking of applying that interactive approach to other aspects of my life. You're doing such a great job with this Luke. I'm so glad I took a chance on this :)*

— Jason Comely

“I was really impressed”

I was really impressed by the depth of the customization in my stop smoking session.

I've looked at other hypnosis downloads and haven't seen anything like Hypnotizr. Hypnotizr made a session for me and my needs, for less than what I would have spent going into a private practice.*

— G.F.

“I felt like the hypnotherapist was right there beside me”

I've used hypnotherapy several times in the past and know the powerful results it brings. I recently purchased the “Build Inner Strength” program and instantly noticed the quality.

I felt like the hypnotherapist was right there beside me, guiding me through positive suggestions, which were crystal clear and easy to understand. The pace was relaxing and the suggestions were exactly what I was looking for to help me become more confident and self-assured.

I was so relaxed and uplifted after listening to my session for the first time. I'm excited to see the results it brings after multiple uses!*

— D.N.

* Individual results may vary.